STRETCH YOUR BACK is a simple and portable device for daily back pain relief in 10 minutes or less...

Stretch your back video

Thanks to STRETCH YOUR BACK, your life will change.

The idea was developed from the need for a simple, independent and daily way to relax the dorsal-lumbar area and the posterior kinetic chain without requiring a therapist, who can provide assistance for only a few hours a week.
The STRETCH YOUR BACK system is a simple way to extend the work carried out by a qualified professional.
The light and transportable structure allows everyone to relax their back at any time and in any place, finding maximum relief in 10 minutes.
Thanks to research carried out on the internet, it is clear that there is not such a system. This means that it is unique and innovative.
The relaxation of the lower limbs is the best way to completely stretch the muscles, but above all, the innervations coming from the lumbar area of the spinal column that send the right signals to the legs, guaranteeing them maximum strength and elasticity.
The relaxation helps to improve circulation, so the muscles are oxygenated and the nerves, tendons and ligaments become more resistant to stress. Consequently, the musculature is more elastic.




  •  STRETCH YOUR BACK helps release muscle tension in just 10 minutes a day and it is less expensive than a single physical therapy session, without leaving home
  •  STRETCH YOUR BACK was created by a specialized team with a Degree in Posturology; after ascertaining the needs of the patients, he studied this device that can be easily used at home.
  •  STRETCH YOUR BACK can be used everywhere, everytime, and by everyone!


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